All newly admitted students must take an examination for admission after meeting with the academic direction to confirm acceptance of the student to the institution, then you must:

• Proceed to fill out and sign the registration form

• Choose a payment plan and confirm the quota 

• Fill out the emergency card, registration form and make sure to deposit all documents requested below

Preschool (Nido to Kinder II)

• Quota application

• Registration form

• Interview with parents or legal guardian

• Certified Birth certificate (official of Dominican Republic)

• 3 Photos 2 x 2

• Medical records

• Previous evaluation (if applicable)

• Photocopy of identification card of parent or legal guardian

• Photocopy of vaccination card

Elementary, Middle and High School (1st - 12th)

• Quota request (New students)

• Registration form 

• Interview with parents or legal guardian 

• Admission exam (pay at cashier) 

• Evaluación previa Certificado de nacimiento certificado 

• 4 Photos 2 x 2 

• Medical records

• Recognition of Report Cards by SEE (7th - 12th). 

• Validation of studies (International) translated, certificated and validated with Dominican Consul and SEE (New 8th grade certificate)

• Photocopy of identification card of parent or legal guardian 

• Copy of the minutes of degrees completed 

• Admission exam for new incoming students entering from February 24, make an appointment.

• Date of registration of new incoming students starting on April 1st 

• Students of 8 th and 12 th are required to partake in special clinics for the National Tests (additional cost per student). Graduation investiture (additional cost)

• Leveling program for new incoming students from 1st to 12th grade 

• Leveling in English (EEL), and in Spanish (SSL) (additional cost). This program will be imparted during hours outside of the academic classes hours.


This process must be notified in writing before September 1st, if you wish withdrawal of your child from the institution. If so, will be reimbursed 50% of the payments made in plan C. There will be no reimbursement after the date stated. The registration or percentage of enrollment is never refunded in any of the plans A, B, or C. (see our policies on reimbursements).